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The biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea is bound to have some of the best sailing opportunities in this part of the world. A name that is synonymous with the Mafia but also with endless olive, lemon and orange orchards, yacht charter Sicily is an old yet exciting place, full of mystery and fascinating stories.

The best way to describe Sicily's geographical position is that it's the piece of land sitting on the tip of the boot that is the Italian peninsula. It was born from volcanic activity which would explain the presence of one of the most famous volcanoes in Europe on the island: Mount Etna, still active to this day. There are 4 additional mountain ranges which form the Sicilian Apenines.

The shores of the island provide some spectacular views since there are many high cliffs on the north and west sides, while in the east and south there are lots of low bays and beaches. In fact, this is the place where you'll find most marinas.

The vegetation of the island presents itself in the form of endless orchards of olive trees, numerous vineyards and some native Sicilian species such as dwarf palms, oleanders, eucalyptus and pine trees, agaves, hibiscus and almonds. Around Mount Etna there is a large national park which rivals the one at the marshy coastline of Trapani which even has flamingoes.

The most important ports on the island are Catanis, Marsala, Milazzo, Portorosa and Palermo. Depeding from which side of the Mediterranean you're coming you're going to have to moor at any one of these places. The link with the Italian mainland is the port of Messina.

As far as the sailing season goes, the best time to visit yacht charter Sicliy is between May and October, when the majority of the time the weather is nice and sunny with sea breezes blowing from the northwest with a maximum of 15-20 knots.

Tides are virtually inexistent here like in so many other places in the Mediterranean, but there are some differences between the western side of the island which is more influenced by the oceanic tides and the eastern part of the island which remains largely unaffected.